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FIFTK Memo provides an extensive, impartial review of your company’s commercial, economic, and financial documents.

It involves a thorough analysis based on your documents, responses to queries, and interviews with management.

The result is a concise 8-page report, delivering insights on every aspect of your business from a buy-side viewpoint.

Gain an authentic understanding of how investors or creditors perceive your business.

Identify and address potential weaknesses or risks in your business.

Craft a compelling narrative that aligns with buy-side expectations.

Use the report as a commitment to financial transparency in front of financial partners.

Why FIFTK Memo?

Service providers supporting entrepreneurs (founders) cultivate the same sell-side optimistic - and sometimes idealistic - bias.

This bias is detrimental to entrepreneurs themselves because it creates a gap with long-term financial partners who search for the truth and want to know the actual challenges.

That it is why it is in the interest of all stakeholders to access an independent and realistic analysis, with as few idealistic bias as possible.

FIFTK Memo provides this kind of analysis.

Modular. Insightful. Swift.

Buy-Side Memo

A comprehensive desktop audit that examines all key aspects of your business in the context of its current stage. You can choose your buy-side viewpoint: governance, investor, acquirer, or creditor. The report, priced at CHF 5k (one-off), is delivered within one to two weeks.

Documentation Review: We thoroughly review and analyze your documentation (Business Plan, Website, Accounting, Financial Plan) based on the chosen viewpoint. The report includes commentary on the documentation and suggestions for improvements.

Specific Queries: A set of questions is emailed to the CEO or other C-Level executives to clarify or supplement information from the documentation. Additional documents may be requested for verifying facts and achievements mentioned.

Management Interviews: Conducting one or two interviews with top management to refine understanding, consider non-fact-based information, understand the sell-side perspective, and grasp current challenges.

The FIFTK Memo: The memo comprises three sections: a cover page with metadata and company information verified by FIFTK, the FIFTK memo findings, and recommendations.

Targeted Audit (add-ons)

Full-Cycle Audit.

Early Stage (< $1m ARR / Funding)


For those still validating product-market fit with Annual Recurring Revenues below $1 million, FIFTK Memo provides the external analysis needed to better engage long-term financial partners.

Optionally, the lightweight, cost-effective FIFTK Support service can be used alongside the audit to enhance your company’s resilience.

Late Stage (> $1m ARR / Funding)


If your business generates more than CHF 1 million in Annual Recurring Revenue, FIFTK Memo is an excellent tool for assessing the ability to scale your business and build a lasting, impactful company.

Complement this with FIFTK Office for comprehensive, strategic resources that set your company on the path to success and industry leadership.

Choose to know.

Having a positive and ambitious vision is essential. However, the journey to realizing this vision is often laden with challenges.

You have a choice: ignore them or acknowledge them. Ignoring might work short-term, but it can ultimately slow down or even severely impact your business.

In contrast, seeking and acknowledging the truth empowers you to face challenges and signals strong transparency.

FIFTK Memo is here to assist you in this pursuit.

Let's Make It Happen.

Patrice Bendjouya - aka Pat Ben

Strategic Finance Officer

Pat has a decade of experience in strategic finance and private equity, having worked with renowned institutions like Rothschild & Cie, Close Brothers, and SFF Financial Services in both France and Switzerland. Over the next ten years, he supported over 300 SMEs, including startups, growing businesses, and industrial companies. Pat holds economics degrees from Sorbonne and Dauphine universities, along with a master's in finance from HEC Paris.



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